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Aggregates screening and cleaning

Cme is a company that has been dealing for years with the sale on national territory of machines and plants for crushing, recovery, selection, grinding, washing and recycling of inert material.

The company specializes in the sector of quarries, mines and construction companies. Together with complete aggregate treatment plants, it produces and sells machines suitable for the recovery of sands such as hydro-sand.


Sand separator machines are studied and built in order to guarantee a total recovery of sand through the separation of clay and a thorough selection of any other extraneous material.

The sand, mixed with unwanted materials, comes from the aggregate materials processing equipment. After being collected in a tank, a special pump that is specifically designed for abrasive and dense liquids draws it and pushes it into the separation cyclone.

Impurities are separated from the sand thanks to a centrifugal force, in order to guarantee the perfect cleaning of the materials. The clean sand is then transferred for drying onto a vibrating screen.



Our company is made by some of the most experienced professionals and high-skilled technicians, specialized in the thorough engineering and production of a wide range of machines used in quarries for aggregate cleaning and sand recovery.

If you are interested in the purchase of some of our quarry equipment, you should definitely get more information about our products. CME’s recovery systems are designed to desilt and recover sands with various grain sizes.

Our models consist of three sectors:

  • 2 external sections, with worm screws that are used to recover the sand and separate it from silt;

  • 1 central section, provided with a rotating bucket wheel for sand collection and dewatering.

Recuperatrici di sabbia


We have been working for many years now in the production, installation and supply of a wide range of machines for aggregate materials cleaning, including blade desilters. We operate on the whole territory of Italy and in several countries around the world. Our experience and professionality are here to serve all our customers, guaranteeing high quality final results.

We adopt the newest technologies, because we want to provide the best results. We can also supply accessories upon request, such as sewers for water draining.

Sfangatrice a botte


Every rotating screen produced by CME can be supplied in several versions: with 2, 3 or 4 decks, equipped with metal perforated plates, screens or polyurethane plates. Our goal is to provide the perfect selection of sand and aggregates.

The vibrations is obtained through the rotating movements of eccentric counterweights, put in action by an engine, thanks to pulleys and V-belts. This transmission system allows to adjust the vibration frequency to the required level, considering the quality of the material and the desired productivity.

The perforated plates and the sieving screens are secured thanks to specially designed screws and bars, that guarantee an easy assembly, without the need for specific tools.

Vagli rotanti


The design of each vibrating screen is made by our dedicated staff in a way that guarantees a thorough cleaning and sieving of all the material coming from quarries. The crushed products are then further treated or dry processed.

The screen can be adapted to sieve several grain sizes, by simply replacing the perforated plates with special polyurethane panels.

The movement is transmitted to the screen by a motor, pulleys and V-belts, a gear reducer and an elastic coupling. The screen’s rear is supported by rubber-covered wheels, ensuring efficiency and resistance. Our standard machine is right-handed, but we can provide a left-handed product upon request.

Vali vibranti


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Extractor belts, used for moving aggregates out of storage tanks;

  • Volumetric belts, for aggregate extraction and weighting;

  • Inclined belts, in order to convey aggregates to the loading point;

  • Swivelling belts, that are capable of rotating on a rail ensuring an efficient ground loading of the aggregates, even when a ramp is not available;

  • Reversible belts, that are set on top of the machinery, in order to load the tanks.

At the engineering stage, we define the size and shape of the belt and all of its components, according to the desired payload. The motorised driving roller and the idler roller are positioned on the heads. From time to time, the rubber belt is redefined according to the type of work that needs to be done.

Nastri trasprtatori per inerti

Semi-fixed aggregates washing plant

The expertise gained in many years of work led us to design a brand new semi-fixed aggregates washing plant.

In order to guarantee an excellent product to our customers, this plant was built according to the latest technologies available and it is characterised by an all-Italian design.

This plant serves to screen and wash aggregates of different types. The modular frame contains the pumps and the washing tanks.

If you want to know in detail our semi-fixed aggregates washing plant, contact us and ask for a quote! We are active in Italy and abroad.

Ancora 1

We make our professionalism and our skills available to all customers to find the best possible solutions. If you are interested in knowing our prices, do not hesitate to contact us!

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