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Crushing equipment

Cme srl deals with the sale of different types of stone crushers, including the jaw crusher, carefully designed, in compliance with all safety and environmental standards, to develop plants of absolute reliability and flexibility for every type of need.


A jaw crusher is used for crushing materials that are subject to usury, such as granite and river rocks. The structure of this type of crushers is based on a crushing group made by adjustable jaws, that change the granulometry of the shattered material.

These machines employ shorter toggle plates, larger swing angles and hydraulic adjustment controls. They are available with bolted frames that make transportation and installation easier, in the whole territory of Italy.

CT series jaw crushers were developed using the most modern engineering knowledge in the field of jaw crushers design, in order to offer important advantages, such as easiness of operation, maintenance simplicity and maximum operating life.

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Crushing is a mechanical process that reduces the material to a size of less than 1 mm. Crushing includes primary crushing or pre-crushing, that yields aggregate smaller than 100 mm.

CME’s primary crushing equipment is designed and realized in order to solve critical issues related to the extraction field and demolition waste recycling sector. They are structured in a way that allows them to be placed without the need of considerable building works, and their transport to another site is also easy.

The transport of these plants is usually made through the use of towing equipment commonly used for construction sites machines.

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Mills for grinding and pulverizing rock material

Grinding is a mechanical operation that allows to reach a higher level of dimensional fineness than crushing, it can be done both dry and wet and can be divided into several sub-processes:

  • primary grinding, which allows to obtain products with dimensions between 0.5 and 6 mm;

  • secondary or fine grinding, through which powders up to the order of hundreds of micrometers are reached;

  • micronization or pulverization, which generates products with dimensions even smaller than a micrometer.

Mulini per la macinazione


CME is a highly specialized company in the sale and maintenance of mobile crushing equipment for aggregate treatment and processing, operating in the whole territory of Italy and in many countries abroad.

CME’s truck feeders for rocks and stones are largely used for feeding big size material coming directly from quarries.

The reciprocating feed motion is provided to the truck by a series of eccentric cams, driven through a power train comprising a gear reducer and a pair of pulleys and V-belts. The material outfeed flow is controlled by the angular movement of a valve.

The structure of the feeder has been shaped and designed taking in special consideration the stresses to which it may be subject, caused by the variations in sizes of the materials being processed.

Trolley feeders for crushing plants

Cme srl is a company that for years has been dealing with the sale of trolley feeders for crushing plants and machinery for the transport and dosage of high quality gravel and sand, but at competitive costs.

Cme srl has a variety of feeders able to cover the entire range necessary for the dosage of aggregates:

  • Cart feeder

  • Vibration feeder

  • Constrained vibration feeder

  • Vibrating doser feeder

  • Grizzly feeder

  • Vibrating channel feeder

  • Roughing disc feeder

  • Tape feeder

  • Plate feeders

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the high professional level of the technical staff that makes up the company, Cme fully satisfies its customers in the design of various types of individual machinery, equipment and complete plants for crushing aggregates.

Our strength is absolutely represented by the guarantee of the quality of each of our products.

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We make our professionalism and our skills available to all customers to find the best possible solutions. If you are interested in knowing our prices, do not hesitate to contact us!

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