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Batching plants

Horizontal plants for batching

The competence and versatility of One Engineering in the sector of batching plants allow us to offer some of the best products on trade. We address to construction industry professionals with cutting edge products and services, that guarantee efficiency, reliability and the best use of materials.

Discover all the offers for our horizontal mobile plants, supplied at a special cost to all our customers. Find the horizontal silos more suitable to your needs, in order to create various types of concrete, according to the demands of architects and builders.

Horizontal batching plants are also scalable. This means that the various mixers can be loaded adjusting the production capacity now and again, according to the process required.

Everything happens with a constant guarantee of reliability, because One Engineering’s products are renowned for their regular and constant performances. If correctly used, they do not require any significant maintenance.

The batching plants supplied by our company work through a 100% computerised centralized control system. This allows for easy operations and process accuracy.

Horizontal plants are available with one or two loading points for trunks, or with a modern by-pass for simultaneous loading, both in the mixer or in the dry truck.

We have systems for the production of ready-mix concrete, as well as specific machinery for pre-casting. We only offer high quality products, used for big civil works, like bridges, galleries and roads.

Orizzontali per il betonaggio

Vertical batching plants

The processing and storage of inert materials, like gravel, clay, pearlite and others, are essential procedures in support of the building sector and civil engineering. Every vertical batching plant made by One Engineering is able to guarantee accurate performances and high reliability.

It is the perfect product for those looking for high productivity and compatibility with various types of inert materials. Each plant guarantees full respect of the environment and a reduced use of space, as well as the possibility to carry out many tasks – from the production of ready-mix concrete to the pre-casting. 

Our philosophy is to create modular products, thus guaranteeing the maximum functionality. Moreover, vertical plants have a big capacity for concrete and inert materials storage, allowing a flexible structuring of all the procedures.

The management processes of each batching plant are computerised, with remote-control or touch streen systems, thanks to the possibility to integrate many devices with the newest technology evolutions.

The vertical silo is endowed with an automatic dosing system, for an optimal management of the raw materials. You will be able to avoid waste and hold a better control over your resources.

Verticali per il betonaggio

Mobile batching and production of concrete on site mobile plants

One Engineering is an expert team in the design, construction and installation of the various types of mobile batching and batching plants.

Easy to transport and install, mobile concrete mixing plants are the ideal solution to reduce the cost of producing concrete at the production site.

These are highly innovative products, which guarantee a technological level equal to that of fixed installations and with equivalent performance.

Our products are made up of a variety of modular elements, easy to handle, which can be easily placed on sites with different needs.

The assembly of the control unit is extremely simple and is guaranteed if requested by the assistance of our teams of specialized technicians.

The main advantage in using mobile batching plants is the great time savings in commissioning and start-up. The various models offer different production capacities, depending on the production needs.

The transport of the same can take place by common means without particular permits or authorizations.

Equipped with different types of mixers, they are able to support any production and logistic problem and to combine great performance, innovative design, ease of transport and configuration.

Unique versatility and competitiveness, with One Engineering. Even if installation takes place quickly, the productivity of the mobile concrete mixing plant is comparable in all respects to the fixed ones.

Pre-assembled silage, dosing and mixing units in a single monobloc structure that is easily transportable and movable.

No major foundation works and wiring are required during the assembly phases. The production of ready-mixed concrete thus becomes feasible in any place in compliance with the required quality standards.

We have the availability of different models, which vary according to the characteristics relating to the number and capacity of the aggregate silage hoppers and cement silos, the type of mixer adopted and the hourly production.

To produce concrete directly on site, these batching plants are ideal. Reliability and safety are the basic ingredients of all our systems.

Hot dip galvanizing is an expedient that amplifies the reliability of the systems as it protects them from the wear and tear of atmospheric agents and bad weather.

Betonaggio mobile

We make our professionalism and our skills available to all customers to find the best possible solutions. If you are interested in knowing our prices, do not hesitate to contact us!

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